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Veredas – Journal of Linguistic Studies – is a biannual publication of free and immediate access, launched in 1997 by the Federal University of Juiz de Foras’s old Language Course PostGraduation Program. Since 2001, its articles also began to be disclosed in electronic format, providing information in an agile and democratic way. In 2007, through the creation of the New PostGraduation Program in Linguistics (master and PHD degrees), Veredas consolidates its exclusively electronic format, making all editions since 1997 available online.


Veredas has the mission of publishing scientific articles, essays, translations and reviews accredited by its originality and academic quality, it is produced by national and foreign researchers, exclusively from Linguistic fields, both theoretical and applied, and its subarea.


The works sent to Veredas are evaluated in pre-analysis by the Editorial Committee with the intention of verifying if they contemplate the publication patterns and the journal editorial goals. The articles approved in this stage are sent to the evaluated by two members from the Editorial Committee, which is made up by external and ad hoc reviewers. The advisers have up to one month deadline in order to return their reviews, filling the Assessment Form. If there is some disagreement between them, a third reviewer will be issued. After this stage, the reviews will be sent to the authors, along with the change recommendations, if necessary. The work’s contents and the bibliographical reference accuracy are under the author’s responsibility.


All our efforts are set in order to contribute to the academic debate’s enrichment and the dissemination of ideas that are quite important to the knowledge production and validation process. We are always open to critics and suggestions from the scientific community which could improve our quality.