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Introducing: Educação em Foco Journal (in English)

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The Journal Educação em Foco, an official publication of the College of Education, Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), plays a significant role in the Institution. It publicizes the results of its research centers, as well as its postgraduate programs (masters and doctoral degrees). It also interconnects scientific productions of other national and international institutions. This publication has garnered great exposure for our research and the theses and dissertations defended in our program. In every issue, the topics covered by the articles published with the collaboration of numerous national and international researchers, with a growing demand from the academic community, have promoted the exchange of ideas with several institutions; thus enriching our research centers and postgraduate programs.


 Hence, the mission of our publication is to participate in the College of Education’s effort to improve quality, in face of growing demands in educational matters on both national and global levels, by integrating it to a broader academic environment, especially in the Portuguese and Spanish languages in which our articles are written. In Brazil there are relatively few prestigious education periodicals which publicize the local scientific production. We are one of them.


Each issue of the journal has a coordinating central topic. Despite the central theme with requested articles, we are open to voluntary contributions. Every work that is published is evaluated by two reviewers who belong to our Scientific Board, made up of Brazilian and foreign professors. When there is too much evaluation to be done, we also use ad hoc reviewers. About 70% of our material is yet unpublished articles, 12% publicize the results of our research centers and 12% are case studies from our centers or others. There are also abstracts from the master and doctoral degree theses and dissertations. We are open to receive book reviews and encourage our postgraduate and even graduate students to produce such work.


Our target and real audiences are the researchers/professors, as well as students in the Human Science field, especially those involved in postgraduate programs in Education. We look for ways to improve communication with many national and international postgraduate programs in Education, and, as a result, we have donated complete collections of our journal to libraries in these institutions.


Besides the libraries, we have also donated our collection to every Federal University, some State Universities and a few Pontifical Catholic ones. As soon as the collection is received, the beneficiary Universities enters a specific list which is published on the last pages of our journal. We also exchange publications with other institutions, thus increasing the holdings of the College of Education.


In every issue (300 copies) around 150 copies are distributed freely to public institutions and some private universities (libraries) in order to promote the journal. We have a page on the website of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (http://www.ufjf.br/revistaedufoco/) containing the full text of all articles published. We can also be found on the following websites: http://www.geodados.uem.br; www.inepe.gov.br., www.ibict.br/comut/htm., www.latindex.unam.mx.  These website addresses are also found in our publications.


It’s important to mention that in 2011 we also participated in a contest promoted by the National Association of Postgraduate Studies and Research in Education (ANPED) and were awarded financial assistance for one issue of our journal. This participation contributed to our success in the journal classification held by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), allowing us to move up to a B-1 qualis rank. Educação em Foco has also received financing from official agencies such as the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development CNPq (once) and the State of Minas Gerais Research Support Foundation FAPEMIG (twice).



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