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Method of Admission

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The applicants who may apply for the Masters degree must be holders of a recognized higher education course, with a baccalaureate degree or a full degree in Social Sciences or related areas. In order to apply for the Doctorate, in addition to the requirements for the Masters degree, the holders of a Masters Degree in Social Sciences and related areas may apply. Admission to the Program will be through participation through free competition, through

as admission process, which occurs annually, in the second semester. This selective process is published in the form of a Public Notice published on the PPGCSO website, and consists of four stages, written test based on a bibliography, proof of proficiency in a foreign language (English or French, master’s degree, English and French, PhD); Research/interview, resume. Currently, there are 15 places available for the master’s degree and 10 seats for the doctorate. Admission of the candidate may also be effected through agreements and exchange programs for foreign students whose countries of origin have a cultural, scientific and technological cooperation agreement with Brazil, or maintained by multilateral international bodies.

Postgraduate Program in Social Sciences