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Program Structure

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The program is articulated in an area of ​​concentration: “Communication and Society” and in three research areas, namely:

a) Communication and Power
b) Culture, Narratives and production of Meaning
c) Aesthetics, Networks and Languages.

The areas are responsible for offering mandatory and elective courses. A subject is the unit between planning and implementing the curriculum of the stricto sensu graduate studies at UFJF, corresponding to a particular program curricular, pedagogical activities and related assessment procedures, performed under the direct responsibility of at least one duly accredited professor.  The minimum duration of a subjectof  PPGCOM-UFJF is fifteen (15) hours or one (01) credit.

The program also includes research groups led by teachers who develop theoretical and practical projects in the field of research and outreach, and serves as articulators of dialogue between professors, students and alumni in specific areas.


See also: Subject Area.

Graduate Program in Communication