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Screening test

Holders of recognized higher education diplomas with undergraduate level baccalaureate or full degree in Communication and Related Areas may apply for the program.

The admission to the program is subject to the provisions of the preceding Article and shall be done through one of the following procedures:

a) specific screening for regular students;

b)transfer from a similar Master’s Degree Program.

The admission as a regular student in the Master’s Degree in Communication will take place after the approval in the specific selection process.

Each regular student will have a supervising professor, assigned as per the terms of the Regulations of PPGCOM-UFJF.

The Coordination of the program will post a notice for each particular selection, which shall contain the requirements of the program Regulations, both administrative or procedural, as well as the period for the registration.

The Program Board shall appoint a Selection Committee, tasked to undergo the selection of regular students, composed of three (03) Master’s Program professors.

The Selection Committee shall submit the final report which will decide on the suitability of each applicant, indicating their rating, considering the following criteria:

  1. a) disqualifying written test based on a bibliography defined in an annex to the Selection Notice;
  2. b) disqualifying evaluation of the dissertation project.
  3. c) disqualifying examination of the curriculum vitae and other documents relating to the applicant’s academic record and interview with the applicant;
  4. d) qualifying written evaluation of proficiency in reading and understanding a foreign language (text related to the program’s theme)


The applicant to transfer to the Master’s Program in Communication must submit the following documents:

  1. a) transfer request in a specific form, accompanied by three (03) 3×4 photos and photocopy of the identity card;
  2. b) letter of justification of the transfer request, containing an assessment of the master’s studies done at the home institution;
  3. c) certified copies of undergraduate diploma or equivalent document;
  4. d) transcript of the Master’s program in progress, including the courses taken, their workload, assessment grades and marks and credits earned;
  5. e) program and bibliography of the courses that make up the school record;
  6. f) curriculum vitae (Lattes CNPq-model) accompanied by evidence;
  7. g) proof of being up with the military and electoral obligations, in the case of B

Brazilian applicants and, in the case of foreign ones, proof of regular stay in the country;

h)dissertation project prepared by the applicant;

i)a supervision acceptance  letter written by a professor of the Master’s Program in Communication – UFJF as per the template provided;

  1. j) proof of proficiency in a foreign language.


The transfer applicant will be interviewed by three (03) professors of the Master’s Program in Communication appointed by the Program Coordination.

The transfer request will be considered by the Board of Communication of the Master’s Program, and it must be approved by an absolute majority of its members as a condition for the applicant to be admitted to the program.

The applicant whose transfer application is approved must attend at least two thirds (2/3) of the mandatoty courses required by the Master’s Program in Communication – UFJF, regardless of the number of credits obtained at the home institution.


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