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Postgraduate program

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– Program Structure:

In all, the program has 10 research groups certified by CNPq, two of them articulated to two laboratories. The line “Art, Fashion: History and Culture” is divided into 04 groups: Culture and Visual Arts: History and Society; History and Culture of Fashion; ARGO: Studies in Art and Human Sciences; and MAMM’s Visual Arts Collection. For the line “Cinema and Audiovisual” 03 groups and 02 research laboratories stand out: CPCine: History, Aesthetics and Narratives in Film and Audiovisual, articulated to the Laboratory of Audiovisual Narratives (Lanav); Documentaries and Borders; Research Group Audiovisual Historiography, articulated to the Laboratory of Research, Analysis and Production of Audiovisual Historiographic Content. The line “Art and Music Studies” has three research groups: Photography in Hybrid Processes in Contemporary Art; Research Group on Cognitive and Semiotic Science; Comus – Research Group on Musical Composition.



The Arlindo Daibert Library serves the IAD and the Postgraduate Program in Arts, Culture and Languages. It was created in 1994 from the donation to the IAD of the personal library of the former professor and plastic artist Arlindo Daibert. Expanded over the last 22 years, it has publications from the areas of visual arts, art history, art criticism, cinema, photography, fashion, design and literature, among others.


Services for the students

IT Resources

Currently, the IAD has 02 computer labs equipped with 35 computers each and free access to the internet (Wi-Fi).In the new building, which started being used at the end of 2013, an IT center and a new Sector Library also started operating. The PPG-ACL has recently purchased 2 computers and 1 slide projector for movie viewing, PowerPoint presentations and teleconferencing. In the classrooms of the Masters Course there are 02 computers and 01 Smart TV. In the room/office/secretariat of the NAVA Magazine there is a computer with free access to the internet (Wi-Fi).


            – Facilities

The building of the IAD is made up of three blocks, the first two opened and occupied since 2009, comprising an area of ​​2,520 m² and housing the general secretariat of the Institute; course coordination room; the professors’ offices, with 08 offices for 04 professors each; unit management room; office of the heads of departments; sector library; academic directory room; photocopies room; 06 classrooms with armchairs with capacity for 40 to 70 students each; 03 rooms with tables and chairs with capacity for 45 students each; 02 computer labs equipped with individual computers with a capacity of 35 students each; 06 specific workshops and equipped with specific material for practical classes (carpentry and locksmithery, ceramics and sculpture, drawing and expression techniques, painting, photography and serial techniques, engraving); 05 specific acoustic rooms for teaching music; sector library; security room, locker room, male and female restrooms, restrooms for professors and staff and restrooms adapted for people with special needs.
The third block has 02 floors of 1,500 m² for 04 classrooms; new expanded sector library; IT center; 01 film and audiovisual studio; movie theater; art Gallery; multipurpose auditorium; 14 specific rooms with sound insulation for teaching music; deposit of musical instruments; Academic Directory; 04 bathrooms; canteen; theater of sand; parking with 250 spaces for vehicles, 01 room for the activities of the Secretariat of the Post-Graduate Program in Arts, Culture and Languages; 01 room for Coordination of PPG-ACL; 01 classroom reserved for the disciplines offered by the Program and 01 room for writing / secretariat of NAVA Magazine – Journal of the Post-Graduate Program in Arts, Culture and Languages.


– Course duration and schedule:

            – Masters degree – how long – 2 years, period for qualification – 18 months, defense –  24 months, bi-annual entry or continuous flow – annual entry

            – Doctorate degree – we do not have it.

Postgraduate Program in Arts, Culture and Languages