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The powder diffraction measurements can be easily scheduled on the DRX-D8 diffractometer.


There are, basically, three type of users:

1) single users;

2) periodic users;

3) Struture Determination from Powder Diffraction (SDPD)


In all cases, please send an email to alexandre.cuin@ufjf.edu.br / alexandre_cuin@yahoo.com to explain what do you desire with powder diffraction.


In the case 1, the users can send us the samples and our research group provides the measurements and, eventually, the data analyses can be done too. After the measurements, we send you back the samples and data in digital format.


In the case 2, the diffractometer DRX-D8 will be scheduled by users by online agenda. The periodic users (or high than 15 samples), will invited to came to Juiz de Fora to a short course to learn basic experimental routines like: “how to prepare powder samples, how to make a good measurements, how to save the data, how to work on DRX-D8 programs”. The users in case 2 will be totally access to our electronic agenda after properly register of basic information. In this case, after the register and short course, the users are free to choose the best period to make new measurements in the electronic agenda.

see below, the mask of initial page of electronic agenda:



and them, the electronic agenda will pop up to the registered user as:



In the case 3, the users send us the samples, about 10 mg, and then, our research group provides the measurements and analyses of the data. After the whole routrines, we send back you the data in properly digital files as well the samples, since de powder diffraction analysis is non destructive analysis.


until now, all measurements are free from charge.