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Crystallographic Studies

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Since 2013, the Bruker D8 diffractometer has been in operation in the Chemistry Department, making a number of X-ray diffraction measurements on polycrystalline samples, for our own Research group as well other research groups.

Our research group has great expertise studying powder diffraction data, specifically, for solving and refining crystal structure models for material with unknown structures. As well, measurements and analysis of phase identification and quantification are provided by our research group.
Our Diffractometer is able to make measurement from -15oC to 1000 oC. If you have any question/doubt/suggestion, please, do not hesitate in contact us. All users are able to make your own measurements after short technical training on diffractometer, also you can send us your samples and we make the measurements and, if you desire, the data analysis.

Our department also have a diffractometer for single Crystal. For further information, please contact Profa. Dra. Charlane C.Correa.


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