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Rafael Marques Almeida

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Rafael Marques Almeida

Rafael Marques Almeida

   I’m graduated in Biological Science at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) andI’ve been part of the LEA UFJF (Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology) since 2007.

   In 2013, I obtained my master’s degree in Ecology at UFJF with an essay on the potential implications of the hydroelectric reservoir’s construction and the climate change in the phosphorus’ dynamic in the Madeira River, which is the biggest affluent of the Amazon river.

   I’m currently taking my phD in Ecology at UFJF, where I’ve been studying the processes related to the carbon cycle in the Brazilian aquatic ecosystems.

   The area I’m most interested within the ecological scope is biogeochemistry, especially greenhouse gas emissons by aquatic environments and the impacts of the major constructions on the cycle of chemical elements.

 I’m also working as an environmental consultant in different steps related to the authorisation of infrastructures’ constructions, like hydroelectric power plants, wind parks, transmission lines, studies of marine drilling and pipelines for ore’s transport.


Email: rafaelmarquesjf@yahoo.com.br 


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