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2015 | Present: Ecological management applied to the treatment of continental fish farm effluent


2014 | Present: Towards a new understanding of carbon processing in freshwaters: methane emission hot spots and carbon burial in tropical reservoirs


2012 | Present: The importance of local and regional factors in regulating microbial carbon flow in aquatic ecosystems of low latitudes RN


2012 | Present: Climate change and biodiversity in lakes of the Amazon basin : how to promote ecological and economic sustainability


2012 | Present: Blooms of cyanobacteria: a growing threat to shallow lakes


2010 | Present: Limnology of Manacás Lake (Juiz de Fora/MG – Brazil)


2009 | Present: Limnology and water quality of the Santo Antônio Dam in the Madeira River


2009 | Present: Limnology and Plankton Metabolism controlling the transfer rates of Greenhouse Gases


2009 | Present: Autochthonous vs. allochthonous DOM source and bacterial metabolism: influence to the carbon balance in mesocosms experiments


2007 | Present: Disturbance of the global carbon cycle by man made-reservoirs: a boreal/tropical/sub-tropical comparasion


2005 | Present: South America Lake Gradient Analyse


2002 | Present: Bioaccumulation of bio-magnification of heavy metals – cyanotoxine and organic micropollutants in the reservoirs of Paraíbuna do Sul River, Guandu River and Jacarepaguá Lagoon System


1987 | Present: Ecological monitoring Lake Batata (PA, Brazil)





2012 | 2016: Cyanobacterial Blooms in a Changing World


2011 | 2015: Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Reservoirs of Hydropower Plants


2010 | 2014: Bacterial biogeochemistry in the Amazon river basin


2010 | 2012: The Biogeochemistry of Carbon and Mercury in the Amazon basin


2009 | 2012: Biogeochemistry of carbon and atmospheric exchanges in the Amazon River Basin


2008 | 2012: Sub-program of Limnology and water quality of the Simplício Queda Única Hydroelectric Complex


2008 | 2009: Study of the movement of water masses and implications for greenhouse gas emissions in tropical aquatic ecosystems


2006 | 2008: Management and Conservation of Aquatic Biodiversity – Biological and Energetic Controls of Cylindrospermopsis


2005 | 2008: Study of cyanobacteria-implications on water potability: application of physical principles – evanescent and interferometry waves on the quantification of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii populations


2004 | 2007: Thermal stratification in hydroelectric reservoirs


2003 | 2008: The carbon balance in the reservoirs of Furnas Centrais Elétricas S/A: Limnology and planktonic metabolism


2003 | 2005: Production and breathing of bacterio-plankton in two tropical systems


2003 | 2004: Biodiversity of planktonic microorganisms: Waters of Minas


2001 | 2003: Study of microbial food chain in the reservoir Chapéu d’Uvas, Juiz de Fora/MG – Brazil


2000 | 2002: Ecology and Limnology on Manacás Lake – Juiz de Fora/MG, Brazil


2000 | 2002: Study of kinematic and dynamic characteristics of the water in Furnas Reservoir with drifters tracked by satellite: an approach considering the waterway’s scenario