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Towards a new understanding of carbon processing in freshwaters: methane emission hot spots and carbon burial in tropical reservoirs

Data: 10 de November de 2016

   In the tropics, many new large hydropower dams are being built, increasingly affecting landscape-scale greenhouse gas emissions and carbon cycling. However, current estimates of methane emissions are at least one order of magnitude too low, as emission hot spots have been missed completely. In addition, the carbon sink in reservoir sediments is generally disregarded, even though it would offset greenhouse gas emissions.

   Here I propose a high-profile research program that takes advantage of recent conceptual developments to provide a new understanding of carbon cycling in freshwater systems, which is particularly relevant for tropical hydropower reservoirs. Applying for the first time a unique combination of emerging and state-of-the-art methodologies from different disciplines, this research will correct the erroneous understanding of carbon processing in reservoirs prevailing today.




Sebastian Sobek | Coordinator

Nathan Oliveira Barros

Raquel Mendonça

Fábio Roland