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The carbon balance in the reservoirs of Furnas Centrais Elétricas S/A: Limnology and planktonic metabolism

Data: 10 de November de 2016

   General aims:


   1. To study limnological processes of reservoirs in the center-west and southeast of Brazil and to evaluate their implications in the generation and/or absorption of gases.

   2. Elaborate a spatial and temporal model of gases emissions for reservoirs implanted in aquatic ecosystems of Cerrado.


Specific aims:


   Evaluate the carbon cycle routes and environmental factors in the water column by determining the:


   1. Productivity, respiration rates and planktonic diversity;

   2. Concentration of nutrients;

   3. Physicochemical patterns;

   4. Concentrations and rates of transfer of gases related to the greenhouse effect: carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the water column;

   5. Determine productivity and respiratory rates in the sediments;

   6. Identify sources of carbon contribution through the qualification of allochthonous and autochthonous material.



Fabio Roland | Coordinator

Jonathan J Cole

Luciana de Oliveira Vidal

Maria Carolina S Soares

Fernanda Bassoli

Dionéia Evangelista Cesar

Marina Junqueira

Carlos Henrique Duque Estrada

Nathan Oliveira Barros 

Vera Lucia de Moraes Huszar 

Nina Caraco

Kátia Regina Vieira de Rezende

Alessandro Del’Duca Teixeira

Guilherme Fernandes Moreira Alfenas 

Matthew Cottrell

Raphaela Moreira Ferreira 

Raquel Ferreira Mendonça

Uanderson Jesus Pereira

Alexandre M B Anésio 

André Cimbleris 

Jean Pierre Ometo

Luiz Martinelli 

Marcelo Bernardes

Wânia Ferraz Pereira



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