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Ecological monitoring Lake Batata (PA, Brazil)

Data: 10 de November de 2016

   Lake Batata, located in Pará, received for 10 years (1979-1989) the daily load of about 25,000 m3 of tailings from the beneficiation of bauxite ore. The deposition of material in the lake has resulted in unique ecological effects. Its nature of the disturbance is also unique in Brazil and in the world.

   The present study aims to identify the degree of impairment of the aquatic and marginal communities to Lake Batata and the effect on several environmental parameters. Four periods of the hydrological cycle will be monitored, namely: flood, high water, ebb and low water.

   This project has been developed since 1988 in Lake Batata and in igarapés (as of 1993) in the region of Porto Trombetas (Oriximiná-PA). The main objectives are: to carry out ecological monitoring in these aquatic environments and to propose methods that will result in the ecological recovery of these ecosystems.


Paper currently being prepared: OC burial in the sediment of clearwater Amazonian flooplain lakes.


Fábio Roland | Coordinator

Raquel Fernandes Mendonca

Nathan Barros


Mineração Rio do Norte – Financial Support


Number of publications C, T & A: 4