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Disturbance of the global carbon cycle by man made-reservoirs: a boreal/tropical/sub-tropical comparasion

Data: 10 de November de 2016

   Reservoirs have been identified as important sources of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere due to the degradation of terrestrial organic matter that is flooded during initial filling, as well as the matter imported from the drainage basin during the system operation. In addition, these systems act as important global carbon stocks due to its sequestration by their sediments.

   There is no unified analysis of the impact of reservoirs on the carbon cycle. In addition, tropical and temperate reservoirs have been suggested for different functions regarding the carbon cycle, althought there is no comparison to verify this hypothesis.

   The project suggests the integration of sedimentation and gas emission in reservoirs of different latitudes to access the global significance of carbon cycle reservoirs. Based on a bilateral collaboration of researchers and students, available data from international sources, as well as archives from Brazil and Sweden, field measurements and experiments will be used and developed.


 Paper currently being prepared:

Knowns and unknowns of hydroelectric reservoir impacts on carbon cycling.



Fábio Roland | Coordinator

Nathan Barros

Raquel Fernandes Mendonça

Lars Tranvik

Simone Jaqueline Cardoso



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