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Thermal EOR

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Combustion traveling waves (started in 2009)

ImageThe method of in-situ combustion is a thermal technique with great potential for use in the exploration of the offshore oil, as in the case of the pre-salt reservoirs. The modeling of combustion in porous media involves Fluid Dynamics and Chemical Kinetics. The models describing in-situ combustion are composed by reaction-convection-diffusion equations, present different scales (stiff problems) and are difficult to solve both mathematically and computationally.

This project is focused on Applied Mathematics and proposes to develop research in the intersection between areas of Partial Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems aiming at applications in Petroleum Engineering.

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Thermal flows in Porous Media (started in 2013)

ImageThe aim of this project consists in modeling complex physical phenomena in a simple way in order to make analytical techniques possible to be applied. Two interesting problems that are studied following this idea are: (1) Recovery of shale gas by using combustion and (2) Microwave stimulated water flooding. 

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