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Prof. Paulo Fernando Ribeiro

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Trabalha em Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Frequentou a University of Manchester,

Mora em Eindhoven – Netherlands

E-mail: pfribeiro@ieee.org ;

 Currículo Lattes: http://buscatextual.cnpq.br/buscatextual/visualizacv.do?id=K4781526U6


Atividades na PES GM:

Panel – Time-Varying and Probabilistic Methods Harmonics Aggregation Analysis in a Smart Grid Context (Chair)

Paper: Considerations on Signal Processing for Power Systems in the Context of Smart Grids (Co-Author and Presenter)

Paper: Summation of harmonic currents of variable-speed induction motor drives (Co-Author)

Panel: Planning and Design of Smart Grids: A Holistic Approach (Chair) and Presentation: A Framework Overview (Presenter)

Panel: Power Quality Monitoring in Smart Grids Panelist (on behalf of CIGRE C4.112) – Section on Advanced Methods (Presenter)

Working Group on Sustainable Future Electrical Energy System Design, within the Energy Development and

Power Generation Committee and Renewable Technologies Sub-committee (Chair)

PQ – Probabilistic Aspects of Harmonics Task Force (Chair)

PQ – International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power (ICHQP) Executive Committee (member–substitute co-chair)