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Welcome Reception

Participants are welcome to join a reception at the rooftop of the conference hotel on Oct. 5th, at 7pm. The reception will feature a presentation of UFJF’s Choir.


Guided Tours:

Guided tours to two of Juiz de Fora’s main attractions will be made available to participants. There is a limited number of visitors allowed in each attraction, and those interested in taking part in the tours must book a place using the form below. Places will be booked on a first come first serve basis.


1. Cine-Theatro Central:

Cine-Theatro Central

Cine-Theatro Central


Built in the late 1920’s, Cine-Theatro Central is one of Juiz de Fora’s landmarks. The frescos by Bigi and the crystal chandeliers provide an artistic experience by their own. After decades serving as the venue for operas, ballets and orchestras, the theater was transformed into a movie theater. Years later, the movie theater closed and the building was abandoned until it was purchased and restored by the Federal University of Juiz de Fora.

When: October 4th, afternoon. There will be two guided visits, one starting at 3pm, and another at 4pm.

How many people: 40 people, 20 in each group.





2. Murilo Mendes Modern Art Museum:


Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art


The museum was created in 1976, after the death of the city’s renowned modernist poet Murilo Mendes. It houses his library and his visual arts collection, which includes works by Picasso, Magnelli, Miró, Leger, Portinari and Vieira da Silva, among others.

When: October 8th, morning. There will be a guided visit starting at 10am.

How many people: 45 people.






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 1. Cine-Theatro Central 2. Murilo Mendes Modern Art Museum