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m.knob – Multilingual Knowledge Base

The Multilingual Knowledge Base (m.knob) is an app based on a Conversational User Interface, GregBot, which acts as a virtual travel guide providing personalized recommendations of tourist attractions, events and activities. To do that, a Natural Language Understanding system uses the FrameNet Brasil database to derive semantic analysis of the sentences the user types during the conversation with GregBot and matches them to the descriptions of attractions in the database.

It also features a semantically grounded sentence translator and a Dictiopedia, a vocabulary of useful terms for tourism in Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish. The translations presented by the app are automatically generated via two different methodologies. For verbs and names that indicate events, they are calculated by a system that compares uses of these words in semantically annotated real texts stored in the FrameNet Brasil database. For names that indicate people, objects and places, they are automatically extracted from BabelNet, an open online database, and validated by the linguists in the project.

m.knob is the result of an interdisciplinary research project conducted at the FrameNet Brasil Laboratory, with researchers and graduate students from the Linguistics and Computer Science departments of Federal University of Juiz de Fora.

>>> Alpha (web-based) version

>>> Beta Android version


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