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The FLAME (Frame-based Language Aid Multilingual Experiment) project aims to develop a multilingual FrameNet for the Summer Olympics, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2016. Building on the previous experience of developing the FrameNet Brazil World Cup Dictionary (www.worldcupdictionary.com.br), we present a multiplatform solution for the communication problems common in major international events. Such a solution combines a domain-specific dictionary, an automatic translator and a knowledge retrieval engine focused on enhancing the Olympic experience in Rio. To achieve this goal, we combine the infrastructure of FrameNet with domain ontologies, statistical machine translation applications, linked open data and gamification elements in a multilingual perspective, covering four different languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. The FLAME project aims also to serve as proof of concept for the deployment of frame-based knowledge databases in the development of solutions for multilingual translation and knowledge retrieval.


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