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Frames and Constructions

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The Frames and Constructions project implemented an online Constructicon for Brazilian Portuguese, which can be used as an input for the development of IT solutions related to Natural Language Understanding. Founded on the theoretical constructs of Frame Semantics and Construction Grammar, the main purpose of the project was that of, based on corpus evidence, identifying, analyzing and annotating constructions. The annotation of the exemplar sentences, as well as the analysis of the constructions is made through the FrameNet WebTool.

This project complements a broader initiative in which it is included: FrameNet Brasil. While the FN-Br Lexicon identifies and analyzes frame-evoking lexical units, a Constructicon is a repertoire of syntactic constructions, structures whose recognition, treatment and interpretation are key for Natural Language Understanding.

The project is developed in collaboration with the (a) Swedish FrameNet++ and Swedish Constructicon projects at Göteborgs Universitet, (b) the German FrameNet and Construction project at Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf, and also with the Berkeley FrameNet project. Such a collaboration aims at allowing for the contrastive study of constructions in Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, German and English, as well as for the definition of construction annotation and alignment standards for multilingual purposes.


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