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Albert Satorra

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Professor Albert Satorra

Professor Albert Satorra

Albert Satorra is Professor of Statistics at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. His work is in the interface between statistics, economics, and behavioural sciences. His area of expertise is structural equations models (SEM), a topic in which he has contributed with numerous articles in leading journals (Psychometrika, Economettric Theory, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Structural Equation Models, Psycological Methods, among others). In this latent variable modeling area, he has contributed in power analysis, evaluation of model fit, scaled test statistics, asymptotic robustness, multiple groups with incomplete data, and other issues related with the practice of SEM under deviation from standard assumptions. He is an Associate Editor of Psychometrika (since 1996), and of Structural Equation Modeling (since the inception of the journal in 1993).

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