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The Graduate Program in Psychology (PPG-Psychology) of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) is in the new Institute of Human Sciences (ICH), which has modern facilities. The PPG-Psychology has several research centers that are equipped with computers for students and professors. They are: the Center for Research, Intervention and Evaluation in Drug and Alcohol – CREPEIA (http://www.ufjf.br/crepeia/); the CEPEDEN – Development Center, Interpersonal Relations and Research Center on Human Development and Aging (https://www.facebook.com/CepedenPsicologiaUfjf); the Cognition and Language Research Group – Coglin (http://www.ufjf.br/coglin/); Nevas – Center for Research on Violence and Social Anxiety (http://www.ufjf.br/nevaspopss); the NUHFIP – Research Center, History and Philosophy of Psychology Wilhelm Wundt (http://www.ufjf.br/nuhfip/); the PPS – Research and Practice in Social Psychology, Public Policy and Health (https://www.facebook.com/NucleoPPS)

In addition to the centers and laboratories, it is important to highlight that through a partnership between PPGPSI and the Distance Education Center (CEAD) of UFJF there is a whole structure for distance education which boasts a recording room for video and other media, and a video and web conferencing room (with all the necessary equipment and infrastructure used by professors and students for educational activities and meetings with national and international partners). This infrastructure has contributed significantly to the program’s visibility and for international partnership of its research groups.


IT resources

The students can use two computer labs (one being dedicated to graduate students), whose machines (computers and printers) have recently been updated.



The Knowledge Dissemination Center – CDC – is the body that manages and administers the Library System of UFJF, consisting of 18 libraries, a University Library and 17 sectoral libraries located in different academic units of UFJF and also the Murilo Mendes Museum and the Governador Valadares advanced campus. The CDC/UFJF has 88 employees (24 librarians). The CDC also has a module of the Integrated Academic Management (SIGA-Library) responsible for the automation of services. The processing of the collection, consultation, borrowing, reservation and renovation of books is carried out through this system that runs on a web interface. The total collection is comprised of 176,984 titles and 405,275 copies of books, theses, dissertations, government publications and multimedia materials; 1,626 printed newspapers/magazines (288 are current issues); 9,254 e-books, with 654 from the IEEE, 400 from the Atheneu Collection and 3,200 from the Virtual Library 3.0 Pearson (covering all areas of knowledge, especially Humanities and Exact Sciences), more than 5,000 of the Virtual Library Minha Biblioteca.

In addition to this material available to the academic community of the graduate courses, the CAPES Journals Portal is widely used within the institution and remotely, with access available to all members of the academic community via the Federated Academic Community (CAFe) and also through proxy access. As is well known, the CAPES Journals Portal provides access to texts selected from over 30,000 international and national journals and most renowned summaries of publications, covering all areas of knowledge. Considering in particular the field of Psychology, the portal provides access to the PsycInfo database and APA’s scientific journals. It also includes a selection of important sources of scientific and technological information for free on the Web. It is noteworthy the availability of several other online information sources, along with external access by members of the academic community via Proxy: online subscription of the complete collection of ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association); subscription of the JSTOR database; subscription of the HEINonline database; subscription of the Vlex database.

It is also important that the entire collection of works in Humanities at UFJF, including Psychology, is available at the new sectorial library of the Institute of Human Sciences (ICH), where the PPG-Psychology is located. It should be emphasized that this academic space, in addition to housing books, journals and other printed and electronic publications (e.g. e-books), has rooms for studying, meetings, and a computer lab for accessing the CAPES portal.

Finally, the NUHFIP, one of the PPG-psychology research groups, has its own library with about three thousand copies. Its collection includes rare works (e.g., original works of Wundt, Titchener and Baldwin) and major publications for research in History and Philosophy of Psychology, such as the complete works of William James, which are available for the entire academic community.

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