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Human Development and Social-Educational Processes

The Psychology of Human Development studies, through specific methodology, the multiple variables associated with human development over the life span. These variables can be cognitive, affective, social and/or biological. This field of psychology is closely related to socio-educational processes. Thus, it influences and is influenced by the formative processes. In this sense, this area studies the development and its relationship with formal and informal educational processes. By scientifically studying the multiple variables that are affected by and affect human development, developmental psychology fosters more effective interventions leading to harmonious development of the individual throughout his life span.


Psychosocial Processes in Health

Psychosocial processes in health unfold both at the individual level and in collective contexts, and integrate psychological, sociological, cultural, political, technical and economic aspects, reverberating in the social practices of individuals and institutional dynamics of services for the collective and public health. This research area includes a wide range of investigations integrating different theoretical and methodological perspectives, contemplating a field characterized by interdisciplinarity and the concern with current health issues.


History and Philosophy of Psychology

This subject area is dedicated to theoretical and conceptual research on the historical and philosophical foundations of psychology in the context provided by the history of ideas, history of science, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and phenomenology, as well as the possible intersections between these different disciplines and philosophical traditions. The main objective of the investigations to be developed is to make explicit and critically evaluate the assumptions, theoretical commitments, formative influences and systematic content of different projects of psychology that have been constituted throughout history, from the earliest to contemporary ones.

Graduate Program in Psychology