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“The experience of attending the graduate program PPG Psi/UFJF was enriching both professionally and personally, as it involved many challenges and dedication, besides going beyond my expectations. The course is very consistent throughout its duration, and is always focused on research.”


“Studying at graduate school in PPG Psi enabled me to develop the essential skills to seek scientific knowledge by myself. Thus, today I do not depend on others to have access to quality technical and scientific information. Attending the graduate course in PPG Psi improved my production of texts, refined my methodology/scientific knowledge, and resulted in a deeper understanding of human development. Despite the high demands, it was certainly a decisive experience of unique importance in my training.”


“It was very good to attend the master’s degree course, as well as being at the doctorate level. I recommend the PPG Psychology at UFJF.”


“Excellent. Great teachers, helpful coordination… I made many friends with other graduate students.”

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Graduate Program in Psychology