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Registration for ICCG9 is now closed.



Registration for ICCG9 is a two-step process. First, attendants are required to fill in a Registration Form. If one is registering as a student, one must attach a proof of current student status to the electronic form in the designated field. The system only accepts PDF files.

After successfully submitting the form, attendants will be automatically redirected to the Registration Payment page, where links to the PayPal payment facility are available. Attendants must select the appropriate type of registration (Professors, Researchers & Industry, or Student) and follow the instructions provided by PayPal.

Attendants will receive a confirmation email from ICCG9 in seven days after the payment confirmation.   


Registration Fees:

Early Registration (from May 10th to August 31st 2016):

– Professors, Researchers & Industry: U$ 120.00

– Students: U$ 65.00

Regular Registration (from September 1st to October 1st 2016):

– Professors, Researchers & Industry: U$ 150.00

– Students: U$ 80.00