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Main Topics

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All major aspects of experimental vibration analysis will be addressed during the conference. Representative subject areas are given below, but are not exhaustive:

  1. Vibration measurement (transducers, techniques…)
  2. Sources of excitation (testing machines, traffic loads, ambient excitation)
  3. Concepts in vibration data analysis (modal analysis, wavelets, non linear, non stationary processes, stochastic methods)
  4. Vibration measurement in large structures
  5. Vibration isolation and mitigation (passive damping, semi-active and active control)
  6. System identification and model updating
  7. Structural integrity assessment
  8. Structural monitoring
  9. Wave propagation
  10. Methodologies and standards
  11. Effects of shock and vibration on humans and facilities
  12. In-situ and laboratory experiments, benchmarks
  13. Earthquake engineering tests
  14. Dynamic testing of historical constructions
  15. Dynamics of railway bridges